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Choose MAG Subscription and Enjoy live channels!!

If you are planning on opting IPTV then IPTV MAG 250 is the set-top box for you. It is one of the most popular and loved product for IPTV. The MAG box is designed for ISPs, OTT-operators and content aggregators. Its exceptional features such as playback of digital TV channels in high quality, streaming video support and video on demand makes it a perfect pick for service based on IPTV, OTT, and VoD.

Connect to Xcuse, we provide for MAG 250 IPTV subscription, we ensure that the client receives flawless content on their device.

If you are among those who consider watching television a serious business and don’t want to compromise with sound or picture quality them MAG 254 is the digital set-top box for you. Designed for IP based network, the set-top box ensure fast streaming and outstanding picture quality.

Easy to use and install, MAG device has become a popular choice among IPTV lovers due to its wide range of advantages. At Xcuse we help the clients in selecting the right box as well as in its installation as well. If you encounter any issue with your MAG box feel free to call our experts for the solution and enjoy entertainment nonstop.

Get in touch with us and learn how with exceptional IPTV service can make TV viewing a serious business!

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